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There is a big demand for self-assembly parts.
An important reason is to save money. But also because it's fun to make it. Here we have selected some items. For the circuit bender. Or eurorack module builder. Even if you want to build your own eurorack module case, you can create creativity. We also explain. Also in the worck shop or just on the phone




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  • -34%

    Speaker cables - Speaker cable 10 M HQ
    Speaker cables - Speaker cable 10 M HQ

    Speaker cables - Speaker cable

    The quality of speaker cables plays a major role in delivering music signal from your source to your loudspeakers. The Classic line uses ultra pure (Oxygen Free Copper 99.99%) copper in a…

    € 15,00 € 9,95
  • -18%


    Acoustic Piezo Contact Microphone Pickup For Guitar Violin Mandolin Ukulele

    Feature:∙ 100% brand new and high quality.
    ∙ Quantity: 1
    ∙ It applies to folk, classical guitar and ukulele and so on.
    ∙ Posted in different…

    € 11,00 € 9,00
  • Best for budget

    meanwell power supply eurorack
    meanwell power supply eurorack

    Schakelvoedingen 64.6W 5V/5A 12V/2.8A -12V/0.5A\

    good for 2x busboard
    For more than 40 euros Rack Modules

    € 35,00 € 29,50
  • super sale

    the Patern Commander    NEW !!
    the Patern Commander NEW !!

    the Patern Commander is a

    8 pre-programmed presets
    fan control voltage pulse.
    The LED indicator shows the rhythm of the pulsedis pluse is the rhythm of the CV OUT

    and controll the moduler

    notes have one node 8 different…

    € 50,00 € 35,00
  • KNOB BOOGY 10 pic
    KNOB BOOGY 10 pic

    KNOB BOOGY aluminium​
    Color :, Silver Tone
    Fit for Knurled Shaft Diameter 6mm/ 15/64"
    Overall Size 10 x 14mm/ good for eurorack

    € 7,00
  • Glitches box
    Glitches box

    glitches BOX noise drone circuitbend sound box

    16 sound effects

    lot of glitches

    pitch knop 3.5 mm jack out

    only at

    see demo

  • NEW BUSBOARD R N R   set of 2
    NEW BUSBOARD R N R set of 2


    Ripple Noise Rejection Bus Board – perfect solution for every eurorack case. Our bus board has been designed especially to cooperate with modern switching power supplies – capacitor filter banks are…

    € 54,00
  • -40%

    100x antie rack rash screws !
    100x antie rack rash screws !

    for euro rack 100x 3m antie rack rash screws hard nylon quality
    better for travels with your suitcase and vibration loosening. beautiful.
    solid screws

    Size: M3

    Material: Nylon66

    Nylon fasteners are favoured especially in such…

    € 10,00 € 6,00
  • -9%

    NEW !!   Lunchbeat  DIY KIT
    NEW !! Lunchbeat DIY KIT



    Lunchbeat is neg-fi groovemachine with 1-bit sounds.


    ∙ four…

    € 65,00 € 59,00
  • -32%

    10 x eurorack Jack 3,5mm mono
    10 x eurorack Jack 3,5mm mono

    10x pics

    Connector socket
    Connector type Jack 3,5mm
    Connector type female
    Connector variant mono
    Mechanical mounting for panel mounting
    Electrical mounting soldering

    € 5,50 € 3,75
  • -50%

    140 x bio M3 Flat Spacer Washers
    140 x bio M3 Flat Spacer Washers

    140 pics.

    M3 Flat Spacer Washers

    Size: M3 bio antie rack rash ring

    cheap simpel wprk good .

    for eurorack

    € 6,00 € 3,00
  • sold out

    pink punk Speak & Math
    pink punk Speak & Math


    are this circuit device is unic
    it have a special sound.
    which come from the chip that word used in that instrumentYou can catch many glichses and speed control

    very cool in your setup

    dirty punk experimentally look…

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