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Here some info. about errorinstruments.com

erorrinstruments, and shop. experimental instruments and sound art

of noise boxes / euro rack moduler / hardwear hackig / circuit bending / DIY Kits /

Some of these instruments are made in the studio of artist PaulTas

from Amsterdam .this instruments are handmade .in a short-run

from 20 to 50 and that makes unique. the moduler .eurorack under the name

and another part of these instruments made by .The artist. all over the world

and sells error instruments in the shop.

error instruments .Will also participate in events.
performing. and worckshops.
with the most creative instruments.

We are a Dutch company based in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam airport

  communicate with our Dutch or English

We speak English, feel free to contact us!


Wij zijn een Nederlands bedrijf gevestigd in Hoofddorp  

 Nederlands met ons communiceren of engels 

We speak English, feel free to contact us!




About the shipment if you place an order. Your order will be shipped between one and three days. Of course you got a message of this. Order confirmation. We ship around the world with UPS not the cheapest but one of the best. Usually the shipment around the world takes between three days and 10 work days depends where you live in the world of course. You will get a tracking number by UPS. So make sure you leave A real email address . If you don’t have your package in 14 days please contact us. Also we have always your track number if you don’t have it From UPS. Everything we sent is secured with the insurance. There are a few ways to contact us . Email studiopaultas@hotmail.com Or use social network Facebook errorinstruments Page. Instagram errorinsttruments page . Also we have a telephone number old-school but works always good. 0031628702561 Make sure if you called that you use WhatsApp . Because of the extreme high costs with the normal line. And remember We are shipping from Amsterdam. So if you call don’t call us in the middle of the night. .


WE PRODUCE SOME OF THE BEST instruments  and creative PRODUCTS IN OVER 24 

 COUNTRIESUK - Spain - Netherlands - Sweden - Poland - France - Ireland - Russia - Japan - South Africa - Mexico - USA - Australia - China - Hong Kong

more .

many instruments are made in the studio
of paul tas in Amsterdam 



errorinstruments.com has always
new and innovative strange instruments
many instruments are only here for sale
and does not in other stores .dat
errorinstruments.com unique .Watch therefore
.on the site regularly. as a musician the same
instruments buy . all the music sounds the same.

it is like and cake baking with the same ingredients
will have the same tastes.

try other ingredients for you sound and set up

check www.errorinstruments.com to make a difference


we still have much more euro rack modules

if you are looking for a euro rack module

feel free to mail and send studiopaultas@hotmail.com

or call call  +31(0)628702561 all being sent from Amsterdam




AFG .Jouw privacy is bij ons gewaarborgd, bij de boeking vragen we je naam en je adres, nodig om de bestelling uit te kunnen voeren. We bewaren deze gegevens zolang de Belastingdienst dat van ons verlangd ( 7 jaar) maar doen er verder niets mee. Heb je je e-mailadres opgegeven voor de Nieuwsbrief wordt dit negens anders voor gebruikt. Mocht je je gegevens toch verwijderd willen hebben, is een telefoontje aan mij voldoende. 

AVG Your privacy is guaranteed with us, when booking we ask for your name and address, necessary to execute the order. We keep this information as long as the tax authorities require this from us (7 years) but do not do anything with it. If you have entered your e-mail address for the Newsletter, this nines will be used differently. If you still want to have your data removed, a phone call is sufficient.





info VAT/BTW studiotas / errorinstruments:

old NL131984792.B01

new NL001610887b98 BUISNES EU

Artikel 2 - Identiteit van de ondernemer 
Naam:  Errorinstruments (Paul Tas) 
Adres: Van den Berghlaan 275

2132 AH Hoofddorp 

The Netherlands


Telefoonnummer: call  +31(0)628702561
E-mailadres: studiopaultas@hotmail.com 
KvK-nummer: 34349983 name: studiotas / errorinstruments 
Btw-identificatienummer: NL131984792B01; 
Vestigingsnummer: 000009639772; 


about www.errorinstruments.com



Most of the instruments are on stock. 

Some are limited. 

There is always a chance we will not send in and few days but we answer always in time by email. 


VAT. BTW. NL131984792B01

VAT ID EU  NL001610887b98 


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