BRICKY FORMAT standalone box

Bricky format .

What is it The name bricky comes from brick Stone

it’s a small size device.

And it has the same specs as eurorack modeler

So you can make a kind of modular synthesizer without a rack.

But it’s also handy because you can use it standalone alone.

So you can use it together volca korg .

 teenage engineering. And more

But you can also use it on guitar effect pedals.

Bricky format is open source. It’s a universal aluminium box that is used backwards.

That makes it really solid.

It works also with 9 V Center positive .

And it comes with USB or battery clips .

Or just a power supply. .

You can connect boxes together

Good to know The audio is mono mini jack Thonky eurorack compatible

The control voltage mono mini jack also eurorack comparable.

And there are more companies who make this format.

Rebel technology / Befaco /Analog ordnance.

What’s nice about it. they’re coming in small runs

sometimes they’re gone and never come back.

rare stuf

They are made from vintage compartments.

That’s why they’re limited additions sometimes only hundred or 50 or even 20

What are interesting bricky.s

Broken-tape simulator

Sputnik Radio

Cloudbusting Error tron Soundscaper

Check the videos on the product for demostration movies.

Anybody interested to produce them feel free to contact us for the measurements. On

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    cloudbusting bricky  4cv  gold
    cloudbusting bricky 4cv gold

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    € 275,00
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