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Punk Resonator

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Title: The Punk Resonator:

A Powerful and Experimental Standalone Synthesizer

Are you looking for a standalone synthesizer that can create unique and experimental sounds?

Look no further than the Punk Resonator

. This compact box, designed in brickie format,

can be used as a drum or baseline maker,

or to create strange and unusual noises.

It's a mix between the legendary Atari punk console from the 80s

and an analog circuit that is created on a 556 or 555 step generator and a digital resonator.

The Punk Resonator has three different options and a modulator,

with a 3 LFO square sin random.

The randomness works with the loop lock function that can be used as a sequencer

with eight or 16 steps, based on the chaos theory.

There is an attenuator to change the control voltage to the different voices or CV input

, and there is a Lopes gate to make sounds short or drum-like.

The Punk Resonator operates on 9 volts center positive

and has a mono out.

It is compatible with standalone equipment like eurorack, Korg, and more.

This powerful machine has a lot of options and is a small experimental,

 synthesizer. It's not made for regular sounds,

but rather for something different and over the top.

In conclusion,

if you're looking for a unique and experimental

standalone synthesizer, the Punk Resonator is an excellent choice.

With its mix of analog and digital circuitry,

three different options, and modulator,

this powerful machine is capable of creating a wide range of sounds

that are sure to impress. So why not give it a try and see what kind of

inc power cable 

and 3 paths cables

experimental sounds you can create?

see demo video 





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