EURORACK error moduler

Eurorack A beautiful System to have affordable modular Synthesizer

comparing this with the old days it was impossible to buy.

Dieter Doepfer make some changes in there .

and the format is now made by more than two or 3000 companies worldwide .

As errorinstruments we have to brand error moduler .

The focus is not on what is already there standard filters or oc laters .

or focus in this models are.

A different kind of sounds a different kind of character .

A different way to look and think about it.

we make from the traditional eurorack System a soundart installation .

in different disciplines digital / Analog / acoustic electronics / Touch interfacing / life circuit bending / The models

of errorinstruments or sometimes rare because we using special compartments .

Like tubes . Tropical capacitors . Rare chips . Vactrols

this is why sometimes there’s only 20 or 50 made.

This is also why the price secondhand is sometimes so much because

it’s not available anymore.

We are traveling the whole world for difficult compartments

In Russia in Czech republic east Europe 

asia china we buying the small stores empty

On places you don’t know their existence

All models always come with a 10 to 16 pin connector Cable and mounting screws And there are always Demo Video‘s manuals how it work


All of this models are handmade assembled  NOT SMD in Amsterdam the Netherlands

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  • new back on stock

    WHITE RABBIT   eurorack
    WHITE RABBIT eurorack

    WHITE RABBIT EXPERIMENTAL MULTI-EFFECTS White Rabbit has REVERB and DELAY sound effects. Fall down a rabbit hole with deep sounding spatial effects. You can send your White Rabbit down different paths or take the ERROR door into…

    € 205,00
  • new !!

    PO .Passive Operator: drum synth eurorack
    PO .Passive Operator: drum synth eurorack

    Introduction priceMore passive sounds drums and more after the big success of the passive operator mini drum synthesizer that works on trigger gate and control voltage we decided to take it to the next level in Eurorack . Where do…

    € 289,00
  • Soundscaper eurorack GOLD !
    Soundscaper eurorack GOLD !

    Making sounds scapes Different layers ofharmony Finding the spot of the Deep soundsBuilt in Harmonic LFO . Or use as FM Drum .Beautiful tool . see demo 8 HPdemo here

    € 179,00
  • Passive Rocket cabinet systeem 6
    Passive Rocket cabinet systeem 6

    This is the Passive Rocket cabinet, the sixth in the series. It is an experimental cabinet that combines elements of an installation, a musical instrument, and art created using various Eurorack models from Errorinstruments and…

    € 4.500,00
  • LIQUID GLITCHER .the only ultraviolance oscillator  gold  edition
    LIQUID GLITCHER .the only ultraviolance oscillator gold edition

    liquid glitcher the only ultraviolance oscillatorgold

    Looking for smal micro sounds Glitchy deep sub bas noise Industrial Rhythms . Sounds of vinyl crackle. Old typewriters . Heavy base . You don't know endless.Find the sweet…

    € 349,00
  • sold out make a reservation


    sold out make a reservation to be on the list email to made whit love in Amsterdam Developing something special together TINRSBRINTA – golden grain circle - granular samplerCircle of sound – spilling…

  • TELE BLENDER eurorack GR china
    TELE BLENDER eurorack GR china

    The success of the tele blender. We decided to make a special Chinese addition red and gold with different sounds, and algorithms in a limited run of only 30What is the Tele blender. ?It’s generating experimental loops of…

    € 249,00
  • new !

    Tassel gold eurorack
    Tassel gold eurorack

    TASSEL. The precision ASMR tuner.. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR),see link crackle Slow noise Deep Air sub. Texture More micro sounds.The TASSEL has a lot of different sounds.You…

    € 299,00
  • cloudbusting GOLD XP
    cloudbusting GOLD XP

    cloudbusting BLINKING EYE edition Cloudbusting is a full Modular experimental synthesiser .It has 11 points that can be patched . 6 modes .Modulation points but also Audio with experimental sounds . Most famous sounds that are…

    € 299,00

    the Strange Eye. gl aka gold This fairy-like model is notonly visually captivating but also offers a one-of-a-kind sonic experience.The Strange Eye is an oscillator that produces deep and cinematic organic sounds,perfect for…

    € 299,00
  • new nr 2

    error drum 2  zv
    error drum 2 zv

    Hey there! I wanted to share with you this awesome drum called Error Drum 2.It's not your traditional drum sound, but that's what makes it so interesting! It's filled with crazy sweet spots that will give your beats a unique and…

    € 120,00
  • NEW !

    TELE BLENDER eurorack GL
    TELE BLENDER eurorack GL

    What is the Tele blender. ? It’s generating experimental loops of control voltage. . Controlling the chaos by making a loop from it s like it sequencer switch quickly between noise and different kind of values of CV Ultimate…

    € 239,00
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