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the Strange Eye. gl aka gold This fairy-like model is not

only visually captivating but also offers a one-of-a-kind sonic experience.

The Strange Eye is an oscillator that produces deep and cinematic organic sounds,

perfect for creating mesmerizing drones and immersive soundscapes.

What sets it apart is its touch-sensitive interface,

allowing you to interact with the oscillator and explore a

wide range of sonic possibilities. In addition to its captivating sounds,

the Strange Eye also features 2x control voltage outputs.

These outputs can be adjusted to your desired level,

giving you precise control over the modulation and expression of your sounds.

Every potential meter on the oscillator can be influenced by control voltage,

offering endless creative potential.

Furthermore, the power of the Strange Eye is fully controllable, allowing you to

shape and sculpt your sound to perfection. By using your hand to explore different

spots on the oscillator, you can uncover a multitude of intriguing and psychedelic sounds.

For even more intensity, try using a metal spoon to interact with the Strange Eye,

resulting in amplified and captivating tones.

To fully experience the capabilities of the Strange Eye, I highly recommend watching the demo video

. It will give you a glimpse into the sonic

possibilities and inspire you to create unique and captivating compositions. With its 16 HP size

and skiff-friendly design,

the Strange Eye seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

I hope this message sparks your curiosity and encourages you

to explore the enchanting world of the Strange Eye.

It is a truly extraordinary addition to any setup, offering

a blend of creativity, versatility, and sonic exploration.

Wishing you endless inspiration and sonic adventures.








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