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Broken tape simulator .MK2

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Broken tape simulator  .MK2

If you are into a Lofi/ Glitch /delay /or /tape sound this is your thing

The broken tape simulator it’s a big success .

that’s why we make the more advanced one.

With some extra options Like a wet and dry

that you can use it also like a delay effect

There’s also a attenuator for the control voltage

that is really sensitive if you use control voltage

New high quality switches


Broken tape simulator Standalone tabletop brickie format . The box is created to simulate the sound of that tape recorder who is broken.It has a really special sounds you control the pitch .And the bit rate of a compressed audio sound . It’s creating a lo-fi feedback.If you are using to the knob fast .You get a totally different feedback then slow .and of course everything between . The speed of the movement. the sensor. There is a small sensor That you can control by pushing the switch.Then there will be light. The big knob is the offsets. If you’re using the sensor. There’s also a CV in For manipulate the big knob . You can use it in eurorack or korg volcas .That small knob.Don’t have so much influence only on distortion and feedback.A little. How does it work? You can turn it on make sure everything is plugged . If you are using an import for example oscilator.Turn the knob all the way to the Right . Then you hear the compressed sounds lofi .Then turn it easy to the left .Then you hear the pitch changing . Of a compressed sound. the Movements has influence aan de feedback. Please also check the demonstrations movie

inc power cable

and bat clip 9v 

center positive demo see


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