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Error Garden eurorack

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Error Garden Eurorack is a captivating model designed for Sound Design enthusiasts. This dual amplifier features a sensitive pick-up that allows you to create audio signals or generate control voltage, adding a dynamic element to your creative process. By manipulating the cane, you can introduce intriguing variations to the sound output, which is characterized by a distinctive distortion effect that enriches the audio with an overdose of gain. With dual control voltage outputs available, you have the flexibility to utilize one for triggering and the other for controlling the pitch. The diverse forms of the springs play a significant role in shaping the sound design, drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of K. H. Stockhausen in the early days. This innovative approach is now widely utilized in cinematic productions for various movies and Sound Art, showcasing its versatility and impact on modern audio creation. Embark on a sonic journey with Error Garden Eurorack and explore the limitless possibilities it offers for crafting unique and compelling soundscapes. Join the ranks of artists and creators who harness this method to elevate their artistic expressions and transport audiences into immersive auditory experiences.



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