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Introducing the Toykyo Piano –

a unique and compact mini piano

that has been circuit bent to produce a range of fascinating audio outputs.

This innovative instrument features an audio output that can be used for in  effects,

along with a gate or CV input for seamless integration with eurorack systems.

The sounds produced by the Toykyo Piano

evoke the nostalgic melodies of the Tokyo metro line,

where each station boasts its own distinctive tune.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic green line and Yamanote line in Tokyo,

the Toykyo Piano captures the essence of these simple yet powerful sounds.

With a selection of sounds including a lo-fi piano, violin, and xylophone,

the Toykyo Piano offers a polyphonic experience that is both versatile and captivating.

Compatible with mini jack 3.5mm connections,

this instrument is designed to be eurorack-friendly,

making it a versatile addition to any music setup.

Stay tuned for the upcoming production release of the Toykyo Piano,

available in limited quantities to bring a touch of Tokyo-inspired

creativity to your musical endeavors.

see demo 




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