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(o) MON2 : Soundscape Machine eurorack (22hp)

(o) Bring noise and sound, from Chiang Mai to anywhere

The state-of-the-art soundscape machine MON2 has 16-bit synths, 6 oscillators, and a loop sampler built in. This useful gadget has parts that are like the GrooveBox, Omnichord, Drone, and Noisebox, so it can mix different sounds regardless of concerns. Experience the innovation of MON2, which consists of 3 groups of two oscillators, marked A(1), B(2), and C(3). Each group’s properties can be changed independently. Allow your imagination to run wild as you generate unique movement of noises toward soundscapes and enjoy its numerous useful capabilities. With 30 waveforms, random steps arpeggiator, CV input, LFO, tremolo, LPF, echoes, sub oscillators, synth lead, and a multitude of other capabilities, MON2 empowers the way you experience noises turned soundscapes in an endless amount of ways.

MON2 is designed to accommodate the needs of people who want to gain knowledge more about the field of audio synthesis. Users are going to embark on a journey of discovery, gradually mastering the ability to shift between parameter adjustments of each sound group to suit their needs. MON2 renders it simple for users to discover and put things together by utilizing a distinctive vertical screen interface that was designed to be both intuitive and straightforward to learn and use. There are two primary modes of operation within the MON2 consist of Voice and Chord mode. It resembles three syntheses packed into one module. MON2: Soundscape Machine will take you on a journey of creative inspiration that is bound to give you fresh perspectives as well as bringing you closer to your creative spark.

The design ethos which is distinctive to our brand remains intact, with premium plastic buttons together with stainless steel plates, ensuring satisfying tactile experience. The keys are meticulously sized and spaced just like those on the MIDI controller, ensuring comfortable finger placement. The incorporation of vertical screens underscores commitment to innovative concepts in addition to providing an exceptional experience to the workflow environment. These screens split parameters into three distinct sections, and each of them continually displays three parameters that correspond to the three knobs from the left for seamless adjustments. Four touch sensors under the LCD display additionally contribute to making it much simpler for users to establish link between the parameters in addition to lock individual parameters. Since the same knobs are used in all 12 selections, there is a parameter lock system in place to keep things from going haywire.

Introducing the Monkhum’s Button: A Breakthrough in User Interface Innovation

Our products originate in Chiang Mai Province in Thailand, despite the region’s non-industrial nature. The perfect blends of traditional craftsmanship and innovative concepts. We place a great deal of attention into how each function is tactile between each other as well as physical characteristics of the buttons which enhance the functionality of the machine. Years of committed research and rigorous testing have led to the development of Monkham’s unique silicone rubber buttons, comprising two sheets intricately embedded with a wire mesh to facilitate circuit connectivity upon user interaction. Ensuring seamless integration of the circuit design corresponds to precision results of buttons which results in exquisite, enhanced further by colorful flashing lights, eliminating the need for additional circuits. Proudly locally produced, this innovation stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence and our region’s rich heritage.

Despite the province of Chiang Mai’s lack of accessibility to the manufacturing industry, it is essential that our products are sourced and made locally. Handcrafted with care using traditional methods and designed with cutting-edge ideas at heart. We put a lot of thought into the physical features of the buttons that improve the machine’s functionality and the tactile relationships between each function. A product of extensive study and testing, Monkham’s one-of-a-kind silicone rubber buttons are made up of two sheets that have been deeply embedded with a wire mesh, which facilitates circuit connectivity when the user presses on them. The elimination of extra circuits is achieved by ensuring that the circuit design is seamlessly integrated with the buttons, leading to precise results that are accentuated by colorful flashing lights. Our innovative thinking is a proud product of our commitment to quality and the history of our region.

– Introducing the latest addition: Loop Sampler Mode. Now, you can program up to 12 WAV files seamlessly, with a total sound duration not exceeding 40 seconds. Dive into endless possibilities as you harness the power of loop sampling to craft captivating sonic landscapes.
– Experience enhanced connectivity with our device, as it seamlessly integrates with USB MIDI, allowing you to unlock a world of musical possibilities. With the ability to select three independent MIDI channels, you can effortlessly control and manipulate your sounds with precision and flexibility.
– Unlock efficiency and streamline your workflow with our shortcut key system. Designed for convenience, this feature allows you to access key functions and commands swiftly, empowering you to navigate and control your device with ease.

Introducing Monkham’s newest product addition. Essentially identical to the MON2: Soundscape Machine, this upgraded version now includes a xylophone bar seamlessly integrated with the CV input at the top, enhancing its versatility and creative potential.
Utilize the 3.5 mm jack plug for playing, harnessing signals from external devices, or opt for the sync out signal from the device itself for seamless integration and synchronization.

Watch the video on Monkham’s platform for a detailed explanation of how MON2 functions.


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