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the official release will be on Superbooth in Berlin the shipping day will be around 1jun .

Welcome to Candy Clouds, an experimental synthesizer designed for both kids and adults. This modular synthesizer offers a wide range of creative possibilities with 12 different patch points.

Explore and create unique sounds, from sequenced baselines to deep psychedelic drones and more. ## Features: - 12 different patch points for experimentation - Seq/Four baselines for rhythmic sequences - Drone/Deep psychedelic sounds for ambient textures - Plum/Inspired by Ciat Lonbarde for unique tones - Chors/Different layers of sounds for rich textures - FM/Frequency modulation noise for dynamic effects - Random/Mix between presets for unexpected results - 2x Master to select sound sources - Pulse/LFO for modulation - Envelope for shaping sound length - Voice control for polyphony - Waveform selection for customizing sound

- Error delay effects processor for creative effects - Wet and dry controls for effect blending



## Power Requirements: - Operates on nine volts DC power - Connector: 2.1mm center positive (+) thanks too code software アーロン・クレーン Ellis Howard soft wear .hard wear design. まばゆい design Team . error inc. / Paul tas


4 alligator clips patch cables USB power supply 5v to 9v dc connector Keep in mind the design can be a little bit different from the one in the picture because it’s a handmade device. And the colors of the LEDs. And the patch points. Can be different.

Warning do not mix The patch points with soma pulse star it’s a different voltage it will get in trouble



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