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Introduction: The Glow LFO Mk2 is a unique and innovative low-frequency oscillator (LFO)

that offers a range of extra features. With its three outputs, reset input,

and additional functions like lock and loop, this compact 4 HP


In this article, we will delve into the various capabilities

of the Glow LFO Mk2 and explore how it can enhance your musical compositions.

I. Overview of the Glow LFO Mk2 A. Introduction to the Glow LFO Mk2 B.

Key Features and Specifications 1. Three Outputs: Square Wave,

Sine Wave, and Special Random 2. Reset Input for synchronization 3.

Lock and Loop Functionality for creating melodies 4. LDR Sensor

for light sensitivity and added creativity 5. Compact and

Skiff-friendly design II. Exploring the Outputs A. Square Wave Output

1. Characteristics and Applications

2. Integration in Sound Design B. Sine Wave Output

1. Characteristics and Applications

2. Creating Smooth and Subtle Modulations C. Special Random Output

1. Unique Features and Applications 2.

Generating Random Sequences and Textures III. Unlocking the Lock and Loop

Functionality A. Understanding the Lock and Loop Functions

1. Eight Steps vs. Sixteen Steps 2. Controlling and Modulating the Steps B.

Creating Melodies with Lock and Loop 1. Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Melodies

2. Tips and Tricks for Musical Exploration IV. Unleashing Creativity with the LDR Sensor A

. Introduction to the LDR Sensor 1. How the Light Sensitivity Works

2. Experimenting with Different Light Sources B. Incorporating the LDR Sensor in Sound Design

1. Adding Wobbliness and Organic Variations

2. Dynamic Control and Expression V. Integration and Power Considerations A.

Skiff-Friendly Design and Space Efficiency B. Power Consumption

and Requirements Conclusion: The Glow LFO Mk2 is a

remarkable module that pushes the boundaries of traditional low-frequency

oscillators. With its versatile outputs, lock and loop functionality,

and the added creativity of the LDR sensor , t

his module opens up a world of possibilities for sound designers,

musicians, and experimentalists alike. Whether you're looking

to create intricate melodies, generate random sequences, or add dynamic

and expressive modulation to your compositions, the Glow LFO Mk2 is a powerful

tool that will inspire your creativity. Its compact size and

low power consumption make it a convenient addition to any modular synthesizer setup.

So, dive into the world of the Glow LFO Mk2 and unlock new sonic experience

see demo video 












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