spanky transyndrum xo gold

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new xo gold 

mix of analog digital sound chips

If you are interested in Spanky

please keep in mind this is not a traditional machine

it can sound broken or over the top noises and crazy rhythms

Don’t expect a traditional 808 / 909 / 303

By the development we don’t want to make the choice if it was a Synthesizer

or a drum machine That’s why the name transyndrum It

can be used as a touch noise machine./ It can be used like an

experimental drum machine / It can also be a noise / synthesizer .

It’s inspired by a lot of Circuit bent Drum computers .

That sounds really crunchy and over the top so

if you have this machine and you think it’s broken . It should be like that ???? .

They are really nice spots to find. Check out the demonstration videos.



They are 4 inputs And seven outputs

One is for changing the pitch One is for changing the Decay / noise .

Trigger input . That’s allowed to get gates for longer sounds

You can switch between the noise Synthesizer all the drum machine

Then the clock divider turn in different kind of speed It has also a klock input

if you work with external gear .

In the middle it’s very important is the touch distortion It works on body contact

. You can play with this as a kind of capacitive touch

It makes over the top distortion

between rhythms and melodies .

Just play And find some really nice spots This machine comes with three patch cables to use A battery clip 9v and also a USB connection for the power supply It works or 9 v Center positive bricky Format


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