Lucifer It’s a dark FM Oscillator drone

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Lucifer . It’s a dark FM Oscillator that also can be used as drone .

The sounds are created by frequency modulation

in a low level of sub bas sounds but also really high

The cross modulation of the frequencies and make

it extra mechanical sometimes like a drill machine Of your dentist

If it’s about noise Or will he deep and dark drones.

Lucifer Have three audio outputs The main output on the right .

Playing around with the joystick Use for a different cross modulation between the wave Forms . Deep dark sounds . Sounds interesting angel delay pedal or any multi effects

the FM drones . The left output for different noise levels .

In the middle is the switch with different sounds .

All the way up . Light In the middle .the white night All the way under .

dark night This is inspired on the knights in Scandinavia

there are almost hallucinating . Very complex and dark oscillator For experimental purpose



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