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TASSEL. The precision ASMR tuner.

. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR),

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Vinyl crackle Slow noise Deep Air sub. Texture More micro sounds.

The TASSEL has a lot of different sounds.

You can stretch the sound by the precision Potential tuner in the middle .

that can have 10 rounds of Revolutions on A really small piece

of sound so between the micro sounds you can go precise .

For the best spot that hate you the most in your ear connected to your brain.

The original engine is from sputnik Radio. A standalone device.

But because of the big tuner you can find totally different sounds.

It’s also possible to play with lights .

An open Vactrol System.

That you can turn on all off that you can choose to use control voltage or use the lights.

Special part precision Meter from 1956 .

Only 50 Handmade in Amsterdam. Inspired by House of Tassel In Brussel .

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