errorinstruments have Several euros rack modules
handmade in Amsterdam, Netherlands
in small runs of 50 .max 

for experimental sources in music and sound art .

with special components from the 50s, 60s, 70s small editions











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  • sold out

    vco macro
    vco macro

    This is a digital oscillator Based on the hardware of braids Bees-in-the-TreesThe software it’s totally different more into drum sounds and digital Quite interesting . Also somethings are chiptune orGame sounds For more…

  • DATA synth zilver xo
    DATA synth zilver xo

    Data Synth .zilver XONOISE !! Is the digital synthesiser70 algoritmesThat is inspired by game sounds and noises .It has some Circuit bending Influence.And there is a lot of different sounds in there. You can use this manipulation…

    € 120,00
  • new !!

    FLYING Attenuator  6xpack
    FLYING Attenuator 6xpack

    Flying Attenuator .It’s very handy if you don’t have space in your Rack Are you still wanting to change the sounds By slowing down the CV.This is really handy tool .It’s with traditional Thonkycon mono jack That we are using…

    € 70,00 € 49,00
  • Attenuator cable
    Attenuator cable

    Attenuator cable is A simple but really handy tool If you wanna slow down the control voltage.All the audio level up or downIt’s really handy if you play life with a contact microphone Or any products that can have a Feedback in…

    € 9,00
  • mono to stereo
    mono to stereo

    Small handy tool if you’re use a stereo left on red channel . Of course everything is mono. bricky format eurorack with a small adapter, it will split the audio in left and right. You can use it also if you want to use…

    € 4,50
  • sold out !

    looptape The Warbler
    looptape The Warbler

    loopman love

    The Warbler™ is a 5-reel loop but the 5th reel is not glued in place allowing it to move around and affect the loops playback at random, Great for experimenting with!

    DISCLAIMER: reel colour will be random between…


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