errorinstruments have Several euros rack modules
handmade in Amsterdam, Netherlands
in small runs of 50 .max 

for experimental sources in music and sound art .

with special components from the 50s, 60s, 70s small editions











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  • -10%

    ATARI PUNK CONSOLE  eurorack

    Something vintage analog Something legendaryBefore The micro chips .Designing Chiptune computer soundsWith Counter chip 555 or 556Also famous by the name APCAtari punk console We make a small modification to use it as a drum But…

    € 110,00 € 99,00
  • -8%


    Glow lfo. It's cv Source With different options. It has Three outputs Square wave Sine wave. And a random that you can loop like a Turning Machine. It has also a reset input to play around One of the main idea With the glow LFO.…

    € 120,00 € 110,00
  • ERROR DRUM gold
    ERROR DRUM gold

    Error drum It’s an experimental drumA dual voice FM Sounds generator Generatesdrums and beats in different kind of noises .In a glitchy artistic way . In the middle there is a triangle with three Potential metersthis triangle is…

    € 129,00
  • introduction price

    Vactrol control mixer
    Vactrol control mixer

    Vactrol control mixer

    .in eurorack The beautiful round Decay

    with handmade tune vactrols that works on trigger

    to make drum sounds or percussion

    gate Open base sounds

    or heats when you open the potential meter

    it’s more…

    € 199,00 € 179,00
  • NEW introduction discount


    Error drum Is a drum model in eurorack Formats 6 hpit has a digital engine a digital CrunchyDrum glitchy Frequency ModulationA mix of digital OscillatorsIt has 3 potential meters 2control voltage input To play around . code by.…

    € 129,00
  • Jlow pas gate  XL black
    Jlow pas gate XL black

    J.Lopass gateFor LPG trigger switsor VCA Jennifer Lo - pass gateMake every sound drum see demo

    € 75,00
  • -13%

    kalimba set  .. inc module
    kalimba set .. inc module

    KAlimba inc mega phone module 3hp set mini Jack out for eurorack CompatibleOf course also do use in guitar pedalsThe best to use this in the preamp modulein the eurorack like mega foon Or microphony .Very nice in the reverb and…

    € 160,00 € 140,00
  • Broken TAPE  simulator . v2 with
    Broken TAPE simulator . v2 with

    Broken tape simulator v2 eurorack 6hp . is created to simulate the sound of that tape recorder who is broken.It has a really special sounds you control the pitch .And the bit rate of a compressed audio sound . It’s creating a…

    € 169,00

    Klok blok is a utility tool To make rhythms or pulse Clockingother things to make it Rhythmic in the middle of your set up to controlling the rest It has two different speeds for different kind of musicIt has also two separate it…

    € 199,00
  • new !

    cloudbusting GOLD XP
    cloudbusting GOLD XP

    cloudbusting BLINKING EYE edition Cloudbusting is a full Modular experimental synthesiser .It has 11 points that can be patched . 6 modes .Modulation points but also Audio with experimental sounds . Most famous sounds that are…

    € 299,00
  • sold out !

    plane delay
    plane delay

    Delay plane is an experimental delay.To play with strange Eggo’s And control voltage on every Potential meter It has a special section of three experimental functions Loop Crush Atom If you push the Loop knop Use this on drums.…

  • Sound scaper eurorack GOLD !
    Sound scaper eurorack GOLD !

    Making sounds scapes Different layers ofharmony Finding the spot of the Deep soundsBuilt in Harmonic LFO . Or use as FM Drum .Beautiful tool . see demo 8 HPdemo here

    € 179,00
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