Do-It-Yourself modular case eurorack PARTS !!






There is a big demand for self-assembly parts.
An important reason is to save money. But also because it's fun to make it. Here we have selected some items. For the circuit bender. Or eurorack module builder. Even if you want to build your own eurorack module case, you can create creativity. We also explain. Also in the worck shop or just on the phone




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  • -25%

    75 x antie rack rash screws !
    75 x antie rack rash screws !


    Eurorack Anti Rack Rash Screws M3x6mm, Nylon Screews, Black

    for euro rack 75x 3m antie rack rash screws hard nylon quality
    better for travels with your suitcase and vibration loosening. beautiful.
    solid screws


    € 10,00 € 7,50
  • -46%

    10 x eurorack Jack 3,5mm mono
    10 x eurorack Jack 3,5mm mono

    coler black

    10x pics

    Connector socket
    Connector type Jack 3,5mm
    Connector type female
    Connector variant mono
    Mechanical mounting for panel mounting
    Electrical mounting soldering

    € 5,50 € 2,95
  • sold out !

    140 x bio M3 Flat Spacer Washers
    140 x bio M3 Flat Spacer Washers

    140 pics.

    M3 Flat Spacer Washers

    Size: M3 bio antie rack rash ring

    cheap simpel wprk good .

    for eurorack

  • -23%

    Banana plug, red 4mm  4x pack
    Banana plug, red 4mm 4x pack

    Banana plug, red
    Red banana plug with extra side-entry.Features
    Connector: Banana male
    Type of connector: straight
    Housing connector: PVC
    Golded contacts: no
    Type of connection: screw
    Cable diameter: max. 1.5 mm

    € 4,00 € 3,10
  • sold out

    pink punk Speak & Math
    pink punk Speak & Math


    are this circuit device is unic
    it have a special sound.
    which come from the chip that word used in that instrumentYou can catch many glichses and speed control

    very cool in your setup

    dirty punk experimentally look…

  • sold out !

    sold apple v tech
    sold apple v tech

    V tech apple super glitch

    speed pitch down

    jack out

    reset nob

  • sold out

    bleu boy
    bleu boy

    circuit bend dorner 8 bit mods pits speed distortion

    A chiptune also known as chip music or 8-bit music, is synthesized electronic music produced (or emulated) by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and…

  • sold pink fryt orchestra
    sold pink fryt orchestra

    modulations fryt nops

    heavy experimental zoomers

    € 120,00
  • sold !! Analog HD 2
    sold !! Analog HD 2

    Analog HD 2

    € 159,00

    Everyone had resigned themselves to boredom some hours into that long flight to Beijing; but it was not to last, as you unzipped your only carry-on and positioned the Pocket AIR COMMANDER 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000…

  • sold theremini 4011
    sold theremini 4011

    termin diy kit


  • -48%

    spiral audio cable  pink  jack 3.5 stereo
    spiral audio cable pink jack 3.5 stereo

    spiral audio cable
    1.3.5mm M-M
    2.high quality
    3.competitive price
    4.accept OEM/ODM

    € 7,50 € 3,90
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mellow mantra. blondy gold € 355,00 € 265,00


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