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Loopman Albino eurorack

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Loopman eurorack

Is it experimental tape recorder

in eurorack formats It can record sounds on Cassette tape

That we know from the 70. 80s.

And we missed a Lofi quality of the sound Warm organic. About the Loopman .

Loop means walk in Dutch. But it means in English A coming back of the sounds.

This device have also a built-in radio AM and FM

there is a Lopez gate inside that means you can go fairy experimental to record noise

or play noise from the radio and make a kind of

snare drum or other experiments or percussions .

You can control the speed of the tape with the control voltage

A lot of things to experiment.But it also play your regular Tapes.

The size is 28 HP and it comes in three colors Black / pink// bleu green 

power consum 

142 mA 12+ 

0 12-

0 5+

free spesial OWL looptape inc




Recording on the Loopman If you record there are a few things that important. You put at the cable in the input off the record in if you want to listen what you’re recording do use with the other cable True . You push wreck and play at the same time . It will record . Also check the speed of your knob . If you wanna record the highest quality make sure the speed is on fast also watch out if you have the ldr on or off. It has influence on the recording . if you listen back or what your records just use the regular out you will hear . The input together. If you listen to your Recording make sure you take out The Netherlands pulg  of your input . There are also videos about this please check it


If you’re recording it’s too loud ?  use an attenuator . Or a flying attenuator to slow down the volume of the recording .


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