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Happy meal, bundle control, freak and sputnik radio

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Check out this amazing bundle .

It’s like a happy meal. .

Of happy accidents, and possibilities.

The control, freak, controlling the sputnik radio.

Check out the demonstration videos.


Radio sputnik uvb-76    ..the buzzer

It’s a full experimental Patchable Synthesizer

Based on the radio waves Inspired bye the Russian Radio

channel UVB-76 Frequency It’s developed for texture in sub bas and noise

Controlled by 6 Six dividers In two different speeds . Morse code sync

. Three different audio out . Also controllable by different devices the clock .

And also all the inputs are eurorack and korg

Compatible cv in en out 5v In a small Brickie format .

Control freak cv trigger controller

Hi there!

I hope you're doing well. I

wanted to share with you some exciting

news about the Control Freak,

a versatile controller for your eurorack

setup that can also be used as a standalone equipment.

What makes it truly unique is its external box,

which allows you to connect a joystick, a trigger sequencer,

a complex LFO, and an external LPG.

It's packed with all the essential utilities

commonly used in modular synthesizers,

eliminating the need for additional keys or

accessories. With the Control Freak, you'll

have everything you need to take your

music production to the next level.


Comes included to usb power supplies five patch cables

see demo video,s







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