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BUBBLES experimental filter

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Bubbles bubbles is an experimental filter

with a lot of inspire influence by the creativity of different kind of experimental devices.

There are nine filters Split over three difference 3x experimental 3x acid 3x traditional .

The three experimental Filters .

Or a mix of. Rob hordijk . Bleepop box and Benjolin. Or error Teleblender modulation..

The acid filters. Ar to make crazy baselines. Over the top.

Hypas and Lopes with the built-in distortion and big crush.. .or feedback boost .

The other three filters. Or more traditional. wasp ms 20 moog style.

That you can’t ping Or use as a drum. .

more info soon 

see demo 



This model will be released at the beginning of September.

If your interest in this, please send an email in the subject reservation. bubbles.

. Then we put you on the list in the beginning of September.

Can you get some contacts and then you can do the order and make the payment .

So no payment in front.. Any questions feel free to contact us

This is the email address to make

the reservation



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