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BUBBLES experimental filter

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 I wanted to share some exciting news with you about a new experimental filter called "Bubbles." This filter is perfect for your experimental purposes and offers nine special filter-based presets.

Let's dive into the details! The presets are split into three different categories. On the left side, you'll find three experimental filters. The first one, called "Liquid," is perfect for creating a liquid effect when using control voltage It allows you to make your sounds truly dynamic and fluid.

Next up is the "Bleepo Box," an experimental filter inspired by the sound of Rob Hordijk. It adds a unique and intriguing pinging effect to your visuals, reminiscent of the Teleblender.

Last but not least in this category is the "Benjolin" inspired filter. It's based on the schematics of Rob Hordijk and offers pre-made loops that create an interesting pinging effect when applied to your sound design

Moving towards the middle, we have a smile the acid 303 style which represents three different filters. These filters combine filtering, distortion, overdrive, and feedback to create a truly mesmerizing visual experience. Feel free to play around with all three of them and explore the different spots they offer.

Finally, on the right side, we have 3 filters. The first one is "Cross," which is a mix between a reverb and low-pass filter. It adds depth and warmth to your sound, Igiving them a unique character.

Next up is the "Irregular Hi-Pass Filter," which allows you to selectively filter out certain frequencies and create interesting tonal variations in your sound

Last but not least, we have the "Regular Lopez Filters." These filters offer a versatile range of options to enhance and manipulate your sounds

I hope this information helps you explore the exciting possibilities of the "Bubbles" experimental filter. Have fun experimenting and creating stunning sounds

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This model is created in collaboration between this is not rocket science and errorinstruments





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