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Special drum bundle temporary available.

Error drum . Experimental drum, not traditional, crunchy

Lolita dance . Trigger sequencer. With built-in presets .

That you can tweak. Available temporary in this bundle



Lolitas Dance is a small and affordable musical drum sequencer

that offers a range of features for creating unique rhythms.

It comes with 10 different built-in rhythms

that can be split into three different divisions

of kick drum, snare drum, and high hat.

There is also a random and an internal Lopez gate

that can be self-patched to create different rhythms from audio sources,

drum, and percussion sounds.

The presets are CV controllable,

allowing for even more unique rhythms to be created. Additionally,

the BPM  swing can be changed using an LFO,

giving users the ability to create different swing speeds and rhythms.

One of the great things about

Lolitas Dance is that it can be used not only for traditional drum sounds but also for soundscaper/  

using rings elements, plonk, and liquid glitcher. This makes it a versatile tool for musicians

and producers looking to create unique and interesting rhythms.

If you're interested in seeing Lolitas Dance in action, be sure to check out the demonstration videos.


Error drum It’s an experimental drum

A dual voice FM Sounds generator Generates

drums and beats in different kind of noises .

In a glitchy artistic way .

In the middle there is a triangle with three Potential meters

this triangle is the engine where are you creating the sounds .

And finding sweet spots .

Between short high hats extreme

over-the-top glitches or also round And analog kik drums

inspired by pulsar 23

sound demo 


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