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Sputnik Radio BLACK

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Sputnik Radio  BLACK

It’s a Voice sound source for experimental purposes

who is based and inspired by radiowave

you can use it as a drum or oscillator

There is also a really low sub Sounds

Thanks to variable Oscillators Elic And his team It’s 11 HP

And it sounds Really deep With a lot of

Texture Low deep bas sub together with high Micro tone ASMR Crackling sound .

Like the radio of the early days.


Ia small patch bay To make different sounds.

It also allowed you to use sensors and LED. s

Of course is it’s really nice to mix

this With the other model Tropical Noise v 3

It comes with two sensors and four different LEDs

for different rhythms and pm modulation .

You can also watch some FM see demo 


Recommended Mega Phone eurorack module  .

Amp module

Output level is a little bit lower than usual because of the sub base Frequency . if you want to Boost this .It can be really keep the base if you boost the bas It will be distorts Nice for drums but not for everything that’s why we choose for a lower output



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