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Macbeth Elements Synthesizer

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the Elements probably will be the masterpiece of the well known synthsizer artist mister Ken Macbeth from Scotland. The outstanding synth has 3 VCOs, a tape echo simulator, a filter/resonator combination, a spring reverb, and really big modulation potentiomenters. Also the sound is huge but what really stands out (optically) is the golden touch keyboard with quick response. 
Besides MIDI In and Thru the Elements has a CV and gate input socklet pair, several CV inputs, e.g. for separate VCO control, filter cutoff and for the VCA. A spring reverb line in/out socket is installed 


technical details

MIDI input 
MIDI thru 
Audio output 
VCF Audio input 
VCO1/2/3 CV inputs 
VCF CV input 
Spring Reverb I/O 
Gate output 
CV output 
Gate input 
CV input

About the manufacturer

The eccentric Scotsman Ken MacBeth is regarded as one of the most extraordinary players in the analog scene. He develops his synths and modules without technical compromises which results in outstanding quality and therefore also comes with the corresponding price tag. His legendary M5 is known as one of the best synths ever. Most of MacBeth’s devices are only built in small runs for a limited time as Ken likes to keep on developing new stuff. Therefore we usually recommend to buy as soon as it’s available.







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