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Mechanical Resonator. XO Gold

Is a Experimental drum percussion with a built in effect processor.

A digital effect processor that works on an acoustic spring with a built-in pick up.

A resonating sound source .

That you can play with your hands physical.

An experiment with a lot of touch control. You can use a triggering

to find some beautiful spots between bass drum. plukt sounds. Electrostatic .

Karp plus strong . Bit crush. Or you can create some

baselines with a gate or a sequencer an envelope .

You can also use it as an effect processor

would like a delay or a bit crush. It’s all about finding

physical and mechanical spots of the Resonating sounds .



and it’s really small it’s not a traditional effect

you can also use it as a kind of Plonky drum .

Karplus–Strong . But it’s also more than effect kind of delay

with the ring modulation pitch shifting .

Bit crush. It works in three different modes. A

nd remember you need to always get the sound by moving the potential meter .

Remember if you push the switch. This model remembers your settings of the potential meter

. Three different blinking of the LEDs. It’s remembers the setting when you

go to the next one. The first blink is feedback amountz

Two times blink it’s the size The length of that effect.

Three times blink it’s the timer .

Make sure you turn the potential meter from back-and-forth

to get the effects or you will hear the difference. You can use this as an sound

effect . Or pimp your drums.

You can even just pull the trigger in there and play with the knobs to find some spots .

There is control voltage on the potential

meter cv in at the top it works like an offset vactrol style . See demonstration and videos


12 hp 12v+ 92mA

12- 0mA

5 0 mA 













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