LOOP TAPE 3 to 5 ,sec

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extra tape for loopman?

Cassette Tape Loop 5 Seconds Endless Looping Handmade Tape Tascam Portastudio. 

Cometogetherasone good    best quality hand made . nice dude !


Recordable cassette tape loop. These are handmade by myself. The cassette is clear. The tape is cut and spliced into a continuous loop, so you can record audio onto it and then it will just keep looping and looping the same sounds you recorded. These are great to make ambient and experimental music or just to have some lofi fun

There are two magnetic tape types to choose from, type i (ferric) or type ii (chrome). Chrome allows for higher quality recording but might not record as well on some recorders. Please check your recorder before you decide. If it doesn't have a switch on the recorder for type ii chrome then it probably will not record well onto it and it will be more suited for type i ferric. Ferric will provide more of a 'lofi' feel to your recording so that might be something more preferable anyway.

They can be recorded on in the same way you would record a normal cassette, and on the same player/recorder that will take a normal cassette. I test them on three different players of different ages to make sure that they play smooth. It can be recorded on both sides of the cassette. THE TAPE IS BLANK, THE RECORDING TABS ARE REMOVED SO YOU WILL NEED TO COVER OVER THEM TO RECORD

Tape length is 5 seconds but it can be 10 seconds if you have a player that plays at half speed. Please note that the cassette may not work on a player that uses auto reverse, if in any doubt or for any other questions please send me a message. Also comes with a handmade card slip case. 




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