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Tropical noise NEO

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Tropical drums ?

Playing with vintage capacitors

Playing with sensors ?

Is the new Way to make sounds

to not only play with your cables

but with the compartments

From the early days it's called the tropical fish capacitors

We have the real vintage sounds .

Or you can also play with capacitors of these days .

you can also at light sensitive sensors .

Or LED With flashing rhythms .The tropical noise neo .Has a lot of options .

You can use it as a eurorack drum model. With a trigger in .

And a drum out .You can use it is experimenteel Oscillators . or noise Source .

You can use as Experimental control voltage source.

It has Control voltage on every knob .

It has 12 different binary Dividers Between high and low between fast and slow that you can also mix You can create. Ultrasound with minimal microtonal blips Or deeper drones Or some FM Radio frequency noise To make Really weird snare or Kik drum.Or everything between. It comes with a bag with 10 vintage capacitors .10 capacitors From these days.With three lights sensors LDR . And three LEDs In different flesh rhythms The size is 11 Hp Skif friendly This model is only 50 made in Amsterdam Netherlands see demonstration video for more info contact us





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