sold out !

skull & bones spikes

Vorige Item 127 of 142 Volgende

Special edition only 20 made in Amsterdam

Spikes is a module with 14  touch points.

extra long spikes 30mm long   

The black eye skull is part of the touch. function


you can mix it to generate different sounds or CV.

o it's a voice but also a controller for CV.

The sound spectrum goes far, above 20,000 hertz and what the human ear can hear. ultra sound at the frequency how dolphins or bats communicate .

The attack have a natural decay by touching  the spikes you create complex combinations.

The human contact is the source.

It has two CV inputs with VCA character.

with 4 x variables oscillators

in different wave forms

CV out  

18 hp the back 6cm 

1x audio out

SPIKES comes in more  editions.


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