D I T KITS educacion

D I T KITS  educacion 

error Academy .


for universities art festival.schools .

music school

About science and technology Experimental music .

In different disciplines


Digital synthesizer

Analog synth

Electronic magnetic fields

Circuit bending

Hardware hacking

Modular synthesizer



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  • sold out !

    error drum DIY KIT
    error drum DIY KIT

    DIS IS DIY KIT !!! Error drum It’s an experimental drumA dual voice FM Sounds generator Generatesdrums and beats in different kind of noises .In a glitchy artistic way .In the middle there is a triangle with three Potential…

  • new !!

    BLIND NOISE ! nano D I Y new gold
    BLIND NOISE ! nano D I Y new gold

    BLIND NOISE NANOD. I .Y KIT .Is a experimental .Touchable synthesiser. For a lot of different people The development was for People who can not see good .Or being blind . But also for children and artists this is really…

    € 89,00 € 79,00
  • new

    DATA synth  zilfer  v. D I Y
    DATA synth zilfer v. D I Y

    Data Synth zilfer DIY KIT !!!.Is the digital synthesiser70 algoritmesThat is inspired by game sounds and noises .It has some Circuit bending Influence.And there is a lot of different sounds in there. You can use this manipulation…

    € 77,00

    DIS IS A D I Y KITinc batery clip 9v and a bitsniffererror zapper Is a device to listen to on the Electronic magnetic fields.Around you there will be surprise some sounds from the microwaveor the power supply or the laptop.The…

    € 65,00
  • sold out !

    video synth black white diy kit
    video synth black white diy kit

    Manual Oscillatoscope1d ::ABOUT It can convert CV and optional audio signals into video and audio, the connector is stereo and works as a multiple to you can get the same signal you put in out again. It works by changing the…


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