mini Theremin

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Introducing the mini theremin - a fun and versatile musical instrument that will spark your creativity and bring joy to your music-making experience. This compact device features a headphone output for silent practice and can be connected to effect processors for added versatility. Equipped with two antennas that can be plugged in for your left or right hand, the mini theremin offers a unique playing experience that allows you to calibrate and manipulate the sound to your liking. With a built-in synthesizer engine that includes different waveforms and samples, you can explore a wide range of sounds, from pianos to other instruments. The device also boasts a display that shows the waveforms in real-time, giving you visual feedback as you play. Powered by USB, the mini theremin is portable and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. While it may not be as large or complex as a traditional Moog theremin, this mini version offers a fun and accessible way to experiment with electronic music. For a glimpse of the mini theremin in action, be sure to check out the demonstration videos and discover the endless possibilities this unique instrument has to offer.




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