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Introducing the Die Antwoord Apparat -

a compact and versatile Lofi sampler/looper with a unique vintage charm. This standalone device features control voltage capabilities for adjusting playback speed, pitch, and filtering, making it a dynamic tool for creative sound manipulation. With the ability to record one sample and retain it even when powered off, the Die Antwoord Apparat harkens back to the analog answering machines of the 70s, offering a nostalgic touch to modern music production. Additionally, the device can function as a filter with CV control and doubles as a LOFI microphone for capturing raw, gritty soundscapes. Equipped with a 9V center positive power supply, the Die Antwoord Apparat is perfect for on-the-go experimentation, allowing users to record directly from the built-in microphone or through the input jack. Check out the demonstration video to see the Apparat in action and unlock a world of sonic possibilities.

 the included battery clip with a 9 v battery

see demo 


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