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Developing something special together TINRS

BRINTA – golden grain circle - granular sampler

Circle of sound – spilling the Brinta – follow the white dot – banged grain.

Samples three-and-a-half seconds of audio (one moment) cuts it into thousands of pieces. Little grains of sound. You can mix the sound grains in speed and order. You re-arrangement it.

update !

Finally, it’s there. We have an update for Brinta granular sampler go to this link and follow the instruction. What is the main difference?

 Louder and less squeely when pressing "stop".


When the red dot is running around the circle it is recording. Your sample becomes the circle. Blue for high frequency, green for mid and red for low. Colours mix accordingly and when they all come together in white-light, you have white-noise. Once your sample is recorded the white dot can run around the circle, spawning little golden heads playing your sample. The size of the grain is how long your play head exists.

Record: push to start and to stop recording.

Play: makes the white dot spawn little golden play heads.

Function switch:

Best Eurorack of 2023: Granular, mixing, sustaining, morphing and more

The Best Eurorack Modules released in 2023...see link


Cloud: Fluffs out the golden play heads around the white dot. You can use the X knob to make the cloud thin and long or thick and together. Cloud has no effect on pitch.

Chord: Change pitch with the X knob. To the left adds up to six notes from a Major scale breaking into a Major 7th and then coming back down note by note, to the right you get much the same but in a Minor scale.

Kid B: The harmonics setting in honour of Kid Baltan. Turning the X knob to the right ups the probability of your pitch doubling, tripling, quadrupling and higher. Creates shimmering harmonic overtones.   

Speed: How fast or slow the white dot is running through running your circle. Zero is at 12 o’clock.

Pitch: Changes the starting pitch of all the golden play heads. Zero at 12 o’clock and range is +/- 2 octaves.

X:  depends on the function setting

Position: Decides where the white dot will pop up after reset.

Reset: Gate jack that resets playback from position of the white dot.

5 save slots: Push memo to select a slot and save to save the current audio in your circle into the selected slot.

You can use the mixed input if you want your input to be mixed in with the grain circle result, or use unmixed if you only want the grains to go to the output.  

Brinta is always in stereo. Half your grains go to the Left output and the other half to the Right. Mix externally if you want to use it mono (or use half).


42mA +12V

4mA -12V

5V 0

Skiff friendly

to goood PRICE 250 ex  

NEW demo








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