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Introducing the Hikari Dual Delay, a powerful module designed to add depth and dimension to your sound. This 2-channel delay module utilizes the renowned PT2399 chip, known for its exceptional delay capabilities.

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with the Hikari Dual Delay. Each channel features its own dedicated feedback control, allowing you to shape the feedback both within the channel itself and across channels, creating intricate and evolving delay textures. With CV control over delay time and feedback, you have the freedom to dynamically modulate your delays, adding movement and expression to your sound.

Tailor your sound precisely with the Hikari Dual Delay. Each channel has independent dry and wet volume controls, enabling you to find the perfect balance between the original signal and the delayed effect. This individual control over the dry and wet volumes ensures that your sound retains clarity and definition while immersed in rich delay.

Step into the realm of the Hikari Dual Delay and explore the vast sonic landscapes it offers. From subtle, atmospheric echoes to cascading, time-warping delays, this module provides a versatile toolset for sonic exploration and experimentation. Elevate your sound to new heights and immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Hikari Dual Delay.



+12V 100mA

-12V 60mA


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