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Singularity Eurorack Active/Passive Drum Synthesizer:

Exploring Unique Sounds and Versatility Introduction: The Singularity Eurorack Active/Passive Drum

Synthesizer is an innovative and versatile musical instrument that offers a wide range of unique sounds. This article will delve into the workings of this extraordinary device, highlighting its active and passive capabilities, as well as its modular components and color options.

1. The Divider Matrix: Bridging Inputs and Outputs The Singularity Eurorack features a divider matrix that serves as a bridge between inputs and outputs. By connecting the matrix to the mixer, users can generate captivating sounds. Additionally, the matrix allows for the integration of controlled voltage or triggers, enabling users to manipulate and mix sounds, adding complexity to their compositions.

2. Power Potential Meter: Active, Passive, or In-Between A crucial component of the Singularity Eurorack is the power potential meter. This meter determines whether the device operates in an active, passive, or hybrid state. As a passive drum machine, it provides a traditional drumming experience, while as an experimental noise oscillator, it offers a unique and unconventional sonic palette. The ability to incorporate control voltage through the CV input under the potential meter further expands the creative possibilities.

3. The Mix Part: Enhancing Playability To optimize playability, the Singularity Eurorack includes a mix part. When using the top output, it is essential to route all signals through the mix inputs. Three of the inputs are always open, while the fourth requires manual activation via a switch. This feature adds a layer of control and versatility, allowing users to shape and refine their compositions.

4. Capacitor Bank: Customizable Soundscapes One of the standout features of the Singularity Eurorack is the capacitor bank. Consisting of two banks with interchangeable compartments, this component allows users to experiment with different capacitors, LEDs, or sensors. By altering the filling of the capacitors, users can significantly influence the resulting sounds, akin to the sequencing capabilities found in devices like the Ciat Rollz 5 or NooN drum synthesizer.

5. LPG Out and Audio/Control Voltage Outputs Located at the top of the module, the Singularity Eurorack features an LPG out for drum synthesis purposes. Additionally, there is an audio output connected to the mixer, providing the final mixed sound. Moreover, a controlled voltage output is available, mirroring the audio output but without any filtering, offering further flexibility in sound generation. Conclusion: The Singularity Eurorack Active/Passive Drum Synthesizer is a remarkable instrument that pushes the boundaries of sound creation. With its divider matrix, power potential meter, mix part, capacitor bank, and various outputs, it offers a wealth of possibilities for musicians and sound enthusiasts. Whether you seek traditional drum machine sounds, experimental noise oscillations, or something in between, this module delivers. With its modular design and customizable options, the Singularity Eurorack opens up a world of sonic exploration. Choose from the available colors, including Virgin White, Technical Black, and Error Gold, and dive into a captivating musical journey with this 16 HP module. 

12+5ma 12-0 5+v

What you get in the box? Of course the model singularity. Included two patch cables flying attenuator. And a box with the parts.. This box you can always order if it’s need to be refilled somehow The name is singularity refill







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