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ERROR system 03

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The full system in eurorack Format .

  system 03. wood

In a beautiful case Aesthetic create it for sound designers .

Or cinematic producers or something beautiful in your living room 😉

It’s a mix of a big Errorinstrument Collection

In a beautiful case From oak wood  .

The collection of the models are.

sound art installation

Ballerina eurorack 

Korsakov osc / drum

Amstredam  Sequenc

Imaginary friend full voice

Brain damage experimental mixer.

TELE BLENDER sqwenser / chiptune voice  drum 



space station tube 

Indian Resonator 4 cv 

Broken tape TRACKER 

Vactrol control mixer

Cloudbusting Xo gold

Loopman xo eurorack

Lulabay scull 

Soundscaper 4 cv 

Glow LFO

speak and glitch

Spanky drum /osc

Liquid glitcher gold XO 

withe Rabbit fx 


1u modul strip 

2x.  1u solar Theremin


1u spring bang

TOOLBOX 1U. MULT / atanu / LPG

                                                            inc 20 slim paths cables  

And a beautiful case made by 2manysynths

                                                                                   inc 20 slim paths cables 

Keep in mind it takes a building time between two weeks and four weeks you don’t need to be in front can pay us when your order is ready for shipment any questions feel free to contact us on the email


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