Korsakov Multi oscillator drum. 90,s RAVE

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Korsakov . Multi oscillator drum

It’s a Digital oscillator  joystick interface

.To play around this is not a controller.

It’s a voise with seven different Digital sounds.

That you can play in two different speed that makes 14 difference .

Sounds can be used also as the drum or percussion .

The name Korsakoff is ode to the club in the Netherlands

in Amsterdam Who was active in the early days . Inspired by memory loss

1.Wave lfo . Just a regular LFO going up and down . In a square Wave synthe . .

2.FM synthesizer. Different frequency with some air in the sounds.

3. Drone FM Synthesizer. For deep cinematic Drone sounds nice in a delay or reverb .

4. Crush modulation . Lofi crush sounds With the bit reduction

5. Basic osc. Just a basic Oscillator to make baselines in filter to create acid .

6. Chiptune osc . Inspired by game sounds from the 80s and 90s of The sid chip famous in the Commodore 64.

7. Wave table . Step generator. Different kinds of waves in different steps .

demo see 


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