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The success of the tele blender. We decided to make a special Chinese addition red and gold with different sounds, and algorithms in a limited run of only 30

What is the Tele blender. ?

It’s generating experimental loops of control voltage. .

Controlling the chaos by making a loop from it s like it sequencer

switch quickly between noise and different kind of values of CV

Ultimate bubble, bath generator,

making complex rhythms,

from every oscillator or filter there are two control voltage out .

That you can add more or less voltage to the 2 “ output s

For example, you put one in the trigger from A oscillator and one in the cv in .

Or you use it on a filter one for the cut off and one for the resi .

There’s also audio engine that it’s more like game sound or chiptune.

you can use this one also has control for the lower level you can also shoot control voltage by using the gate.

There is a cv on every knob there’s also a possibility to use self patch from the cv out in to the cv in in the model .

12+122ma 12- 6ma 18 HP

dis is het zilver edit like on the pic

how to use

Find your loop by the big algorithmic knob .

If you find your loop that you like play with the three smaller knobs to go deeper in it..

see demo video 



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