DATA synth MK2

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mk 2 b the bar code

70 algoritmes

That is inspired by game sounds and noises .

It has some Circuit bending Influence.

And there is a lot of different sounds in there. You can use this manipulation of chaos and Disorder .works on mini USB .5vis inc  🙂 see demo

Are you can use it standalone tabletop or like a game console

The machine freeze is that normal? Yes, real time circuit bending 

By using the switches keep in mind that this is a real time circuit bending it’s not a programmable function. That means you can get really strange spots but also it can freeze or stay in a loop. if it frees no worry or you can just turn the power off or on and it will be back. Make sure the switches in the middle are down just play around and find your sweet spots.



The new data synth is not so much different than the other one. It’s a different design and it has a back panel of polished aluminum that feels really solid. Important don’t use headphones it’s loud


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