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Karl,,s Box banana jack

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buchla or ciat lonbarde banana jack


Karl,,s Box

Karl.s Box

Experimental passive acoustic box.

 The box can be used for three things

Precise attenuator to change your control voltage precise

With fixed resistor values .

Solar Theremin.

There is a onboard solar panel that you can

generate voltage between zero and 5 voltage

Extremely light sensitive

Spring tank

it has a built-in contact Microphone.

Included a spring that resonate oh for the mic

Everything has a separated output.

Everything is passive and don’t need external power.

Everything is mono mini jack outs.

Eurorack compatible

You can also use it on your guitar pedals.

The name Karl,s box Is inspired and named by the German composer

karlheinz Stockhausen

German composer,

an important creator and theoretician of electronic and serial

music who strongly influenced avant-garde

composers from the 1950s through the '80s..

On special request And a little bit more cost

 we can also make this for banana jack

for use for the people of the buchla or ciat

only 20 made in Amsterdam 


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