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errror Hippo is a cinematic experimental sound box

For cinematic sounds that can be used

in movies or experimental soundscapes

What’s in the box

You can hit the box softly and touch the box to make sounds

there is an extra sensitive pick up in the box with a built-in amplifier

so this is an active box and not a passive box.

Because of the amplifier it’s really sensitive.

And it can hear any small sounds.

The output is on the back it has a mini jack output eurorack compatible mono jack

there is also a volume For the gain of the sensitivity Of the sounds or tune feedback

Then there is a switch the switch is to make the amplifier more loud or clipping.

. It says distortion

And there’s also an input you can use the input

for everything that you like to make louder

you can also add a contact to microphone or a bit sniffer coil.

It comes included a power supply usb and battery clip .

. Small musical tips put it in a delay model or a Referb in eurorack or a guitar pedal .

Or any effects it’s beautiful See demonstration videos


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