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Full error Sound Installation system 01

Item 165 of 391

Because of the holidays. We are selling the full system innovember again if you interest in this contact us in front Call just call the number on the front page of the website thank you

The full system in eurorack Format .

  system 01

In a beautiful case Aesthetic create it for sound designers .

Or cinematic producers or something beautiful in your living room 😉

It’s a mix of a big Errorinstrument Collection


In a beautiful case From oak wood Wast by black oil .

The collection of the models are.

Korsakov osc

Baby 8 pro Sequencer

Imaginary friend full voice

Brain damage experimental mixer.

Lucifer dark osc

Indian Resonator v4

Broken tape simulator


Vactrol control mixer

Cloudbusting Xo gold

Loopman xo eurorack

Mechanical Resonator

Erica pico DSP

1796 Active music box


Glow LFO

Blind noise gold

Spanky drum /osc

Liquid glitcher gold

Taktomer 2c8 nixon tube

Invader . Chip tune game osc


1u modul strip 

2x.  1u solar Theremin


1u spring bang

TOOLBOX 1U. MULT / atanu / LPG

And a beautiful case made by 2manysynths

                                              price calculation  modules 3747  case 800 = 4547

                                                                                           save 548 

                                                                                    best  price 3999 inc 








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