Buddhist Buddha box 22 songs

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Lotus Chinese Buddhist Buddha Pray Music Machine With 8/22 Songs Incantation

Product Description


100% Brand new and high quality

Material: Others

Color: White, Red

Size: 6cm*9cm*2.5cm

Conversion: 1cm=0.3937 inch, 1 inch=2.54 cm

This machine has 8/22 songs for you to choose.

You can use the power supply, you can also use 2 Section 5 battery power supply, very power-saving, cost-effective, safe and convenient.

Sound clear and long service life


Eight in One: 8 Songs

1. South Amitabha Buddha (six words two tones)
2. Amitabha Buddha (four words around the Buddha)
3. Amitabha (four words)
4. South no view of the Bodhisattva
5. Four-character six-tone (clock)
6. Cannon Master Four Slips Buddha Buddha - slow version (wood fish version)
7. Amitabha (net old master read)
8. Amitabha (net old master read)


1. 南无阿弥陀佛(六字二音)

2. 阿弥陀佛(四字四音绕佛)

3. 阿弥陀佛(四字五音)

4. 南无观世音菩萨

5. 四字六音(地钟)

6. 净空法师四字念佛绕佛佛号-慢版(木鱼版)

7. 阿弥陀佛(净空老法师念)

8. 阿弥陀佛(净空老法师念)


Twenty two in one: 22 Songs

1. Vatican singers (84 sentences)
2. South Amitabha Buddha (Yao Yi Master)
3. South Amitabha Buddha (sincere Buddha)
4. South no Amitabha Buddha (Master print master)
5. South no view of the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva
6. Amitabha Buddha (four words around the Buddha)
7. No Amitabha Buddha (six words two tones)
8. South no land possession of the Buddha Bodhisattva
9. Amitabha (read 10 times)
10. Amitabha (two empty five-speed)
11. Amitabha (four-character four-tone clock version)
12. Amitabha (four words)
13. Amitabha (net master)
14. South no Amitabha (net old Master)
15. Great curse curse curse (Hui law mage)
16. Six characters Ming Ming curse (Hui law mage)
17. Amitabha Buddha to the curse (Haitao Master 0
18. Amitabha (net master)
19. Amitabha (net master)
20. Amitabha (Cleansing Officer)
21 Amitabha (Cleansing Master two five quick read)
22 Amitabha (net empty old Master reading Buddha slow version)




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