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The Raw Army Eurorack Case

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We found a pile of army cases which where just too good not to re-use them! The pile was huge but we took the time to carefully select 100 nicest and most beautiful cases out of it. So after the selection we bought the 100 cases we selected and we drove back to their temporary home where we will convert them into beautiful eurorack cases.


After bringing the cases to their new temporary home we now need to collect all the parts to do the modification. We are going to build in power supplies, busboards and rails. The cases have a perfect inner size of 2 rows (2x3U) of 114HP. We made one to show you how they are going to look. But keep in mind that they will all be slightly different as these are over 40 years old used cases and they all have scratches and signs of usage, but that is exactly why we think these cases look awesome!

Technical info

make time is 3 weeks

Size: 67cm x 30cm x 16cm (outerside)

The cases have 3 handles and the locks are flat on the surface. They are easy to carry around and they will not break if you bump into something.

The case contains 2 rows (2x 3U) of 114HP.

You can leave your patch when closing the lid.

Weight: 10Kg, this includes the PSU and rails.

Power: Meanwell RT65B.

The Meanwell powersupply will give +5Vdc at 5A, +12Vdc at 2.8A and -12Vdc at 0.5A. We have been using this PSU for a long time and it have proven to be more than enough power for 228HP.

The case works both on 220V as well as on 110V. 

Busboards: 30 powerheaders.

The cases will contain a double busboard with 30 headers, so you will never have to worry if you have too less powerheaders in the case

because this product is extra heavy, extra shipping costs will be charged outside the eu 60 euro extra 

for out EU


The case comes plug and play ready to use without the modules shown in the pictures.


This project is a collaboration between Error Instruments and Ginkosynthese.






Risks and challenges

We found the cases on an army storage and we have carefully selected 100 cases out of many. This took many hours but therefor we are 100% sure all cases are in good condition. But as these cases are getting a new life and have been used in the army they all have signs of usage and no case is exactly the same. All cases have some scratches but that is the charm of the Raw Army Case.


only the case ready for eurorack modules plug and play 




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