sold out thanks N. dijkshoorn

-WOODEN- -TRON- -sound generator-

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-WOODEN- -TRON- -sound generator-

is a complex soundscape machine
with 6 oscillators NAND saw / tri
with a banana plug patchbay
like buchla. and labritory
for experimental bleeps and noise
purely analogue generated, sound

with in-built temco LDR tube from 1949

with this LDR TUBE TEMCO from 1949 not only the light can be influenced, the temperature also affects the sound
for and thermin like character. controlled by light and shadow this is also external using. with CV

there is also an echo with self-oscillation to complex feedback drones

brinki filter lo lo lo lo pas deep sound self-oscillation 

or to use as an echo or reverb
it can also be used externally
with other instruments

only one  made
supper rare 


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