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The Hog Shed Monster

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experimental sound art, synth, sequencer
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Peley Krane has released its first Instrument, The Hog Shed Monster Synthesizer/Sequencing Brain.

The Hog Shed Monster Synthesizer/Sequencing Brain is described as “A digital synthesizer and step-sequencing brain in one device that can be ‘played’ in realtime as a performance instrument, or be programmed/sequenced to perform longer polyphonic chord arrangements/compositions.”


inc pawer cable 

3.5 mini jack out 

see demo 

more demo 


Hog Shed Monster Synthesizer/Sequencing Brain Instructions -Manual Step-Editing- On the Top of the Unit is a 360-Dial. This Dial is Used to Scroll Through the 9 STEP/SLOTS AND Their Individual Parameter Settings. This Dial also Doubles as a Button [DIAL BUTTON] and Can be Pressed Down to Lock/Unlock Settings ALL PITCH Settings are Either Locked or Unlocked. While Unlocked, The SONAR EYE is Active and Used to Tune the Voice. While Locked, The SONAR EYE is Inactive and the PITCH Remains at the Last Locked Point To Unlock a SINGLE Voice PITCH Setting Through Manual Step Editing: First, If the Sequencing Brain is [RUNNING]: Navigate to this Light-Code for the Sequence Brain [START]/[STOP] Control Using the 360-Dial. * - - * Sequencer Brain [START/STOP] Press Down Once on the [DIAL BUTTON] to STOP the Sequence Next, Navigate to One of These Light Codes: (Light Code Chart in Photos) * - - - Pitch Voice 1 - * - - Pitch Voice 2 - - * - Pitch Voice 3 - - - * Pitch Voice 4 Once at One of These PITCH Voice Settings, Press Down Once on the [DIAL BUTTON] to Unlock It for Editing. * It is Important to Note that this Newly Unlocked Setting is Unlocked ONLY for [THIS VOICE] at [THIS CURRENT STEP/SLOT]. * In Total, there are 36 Individual Voice Pitch Settings (9 STEPS/SLOTS x 4 Voices) That Can be Either Locked or Unlocked, Each Holding Their Own Pitch Value (Note) Now, Use the SONAR EYE Sensor to Tune The Voice. Experiment Using Objects and Gestures at Different Distances In Front of the SONAR-EYE to Control the Pitch of the Voice. When The Desired PITCH is Achieved, Press Down Again on the [DIAL BUTTON] to Lock In THAT Value (Note) for that Voice. Use The 360-Dial to Navigate Through all 7 Settings Of THIS Current STEP: * - - - Pitch Voice 1 - * - - Pitch Voice 2 - - * - Pitch Voice 3 - - - * Pitch Voice 4 * - - * [BLINKING] Manual STEP Control - Press DIAL BUTTON to Lock/Unlock this Control. While Unlocked, Use 360-DIAL to Manually Advance Through The STEPS/SLOTS of the Sequence, Either Forward or Backwards. This Ability Allows for Greater Control While -Manual Step Editing- AND Also Creates a WILD "Remix" Playability of the Sequence While it is [RUNNING] or [NOT RUNNING] - * * - WaveForm Shape - Press The DIAL BUTTON to Lock/Unlock Editing of the CURRENT STEP/SLOT WaveShape. While Unlocked Use the 360-Dial to Cycle Through the Selectable WaveShapes. Press DIAL BUTTON Again to Select and Lock In The WaveShape for THE CURRENT SLOT. *Assigning Different WaveShapes to Each One of the STEPS/SLOTS Results in Ryhthmic Tonal Changes While Sequence is [RUNNING] * * * - [CHORD TUNE] Voices [1-4] Pitch - Press The DIAL BUTTON to Lock/Unlock. While Unlocked, Use the SONAR EYE to Adjust the PITCH of All 4 Voices at Once. The 4 Voices Each Retain Their Relative Frequency Relation to Eachother And Are Adjusted Together as A Single CHORD. *4th LIGHT Will Be [ON] IF The Setting is Unlocked and [OFF] if Setting is Locked. *Other 3 Lights [1-3] Will be Scrolling/Flashing at a Rate Reflecting The CURRENT STEPS TIME * * * * Current SLOT [ON/OFF] - If The Current STEP/SLOT is Active, All 4 Lights Will be On. If The Current STEP/SLOT is Inactive, All 4 Lights Will be Off. Pressing The DIAL BUTTON Will Turn The Current SLOT [ON/OFF] * While a STEP/SLOT Is Set to [OFF], It will be Skipped During The [RUNNING] Sequence. This Inactive STEP/SLOT Must Now Be Navigated To Using the Manual STEP/SLOT Control While Sequencer Is Set to [NOT RUNNING], To Edit Its Settings. * * * * [BLINKING] Current Step Length [TIME] - All 4 Lights Will Blink at a Speed Reflecting The CURRENT STEPS/SLOTS Length [TIME] Faster Blinking means a Shorter Step Length. Blinking Slows as Step Length [TIME] is Increased. Press the DIAL BUTTON to Lock/Unlock Editing. While Unlocked, SPIN the 360-Dial to Adjust The STEPS Length [TIME]. SPINNING CLOCKWISE - Increases Step Length [TIME] SPINNING COUNTER CLOCKWISE - Decreases Step Length [TIME] -On The Fly Editing- While Sequence Brain is [RUNNING], Editing of STEP/SLOT Settings is Still Possible. Set Sequence to [RUNNING], Then Navigate again to One of the 4 Voice PITCH Settings: * - - - Pitch Voice 1 - * - - Pitch Voice 2 - - * - Pitch Voice 3 - - - * Pitch Voice 4 Now, Press and [HOLD DOWN] DIAL BUTTON [1-2 Seconds] Until LIGHT Starts Blinking. This Blinking Indicates That the PITCH SLOT SETTINGS for THAT Voice are Now Unlocked ACROSS ALL 9 Of The STEPS/SLOTS. The SONAR EYE is Now Active and Ready for Tuning/Play. Next, Navigate to The Light Code [RUNNING/NOT RUNNING] [START/STOP] for the Sequencer Light Code: * - - * Sequencer Brain [START/STOP] Set Sequencer to [RUNNING] Then, Navigate Back To the PITCH Voice SETTING Previously Unlocked. Use Hands, Body, Other Objects to Place in Front Of the Sonar EYE Sensor. Pitch/Tuning of The Selected Voice For EACH of The Active STEPS/SLOTS Will be Changed or "OverWritten" as The Sequence Progresses. If An Object Placed in Front of the SONAR EYE SENSOR is Moved Around During This -On The Fly- Input Method, Its Motion Throughout the Sequence Will Be "RECORDED" As Its Movements Will Result In a Completely New Melody On the Next Loop of the Sequence. This Action of [HOLDING DOWN] The [DIAL BUTTON] [1-2 Seconds] to Unlock a Setting Across ALL STEPS/SLOTS Also Works for the [CHORD TUNE] Setting: Light Code: * * * - [CHORD TUNE] This Function Creates an Easy Way To Transpose The Entire Sequence Either Up or Down by a Singular Controlled Amount Or, In Creating Extreme Variation in An Existing Sequence by Transposing EACH STEP/SLOT by a Separate Unique Amount. This Action of [HOLDING DOWN] The [DIAL BUTTON] [1-2 Seconds] Initiates Yet Another Special Functionality When Used While on the CURRENT STEP LENGTH [TIME] Parameter. When Activated, The CURRENT STEP/SLOT Time is Copied Across All 9 STEPS/SLOTS. The Sequence Will Now Run at a Constant Rate, Progressing to Each STEP/SLOT at a Singluar Speed (BPM). This Will be The Case Until Until ONE or MORE of the Individual STEPS/SLOTS Length [TIME] Settings are Altered, Putting The Sequence Back into an Irregular Rate of Change. [HOLDING DOWN] The [DIAL BUTTON] [1-2 Seconds] While on the CURRENT SLOT [ON/OFF] Parameter Will Turn ALL 9 STEPS/SLOTS Active [ON]. This Creates the Ability to Quickly Disable/Enable Multiple STEPS/SLOTS for Spontaneous Variations During a Running Sequence. -SAVING- The (HSM)onster has the Ability to SAVE All CURRENT Settings of The CURRENT Sequence (63 Total Programmable Parameters) To SAVE: At any Point, Press and [HOLD DOWN] the [DIAL BUTTON] [3-4] Seconds All 4 Lights will Momentarily Flash ON and OFF to Confirm That Everything Has Saved. These Saved Settings Will be Loaded the Next Time the Unit is Powered On. -POWER- The (HSM)onster is Powered Exclusively Through Its USB Panel-Port Located On the Side of the Unit. Using A Standard USB Cable, Plug Into Any USB Power Source: Phone Chargers, Chargable/Portable USB Power Sticks, Computers, Etc..


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