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New Krusnek synth .

Philosophy A wooden box .a wooden box who talk the language .of analog pulses .The language of spikes. but with a changing some of the LDR sensor . Who can be the master. of controlling the forests . like the sun . it there is a lot going on between the trees they making algorithms . just choices who is connected to who . with Metal wire .or alligator clips . or more organic just with The hand .or more random with the spoons . elements are parts of the forests the sun can be used on or off . there is a lot of pleasure for the one who have pleasure.Who works with accidentally feedback . The delay makes an echo . like a shadow .Who is almost come a little bit later.and it's also less perfect .The shadow in the forest .controlling the sun .The sun can be the master . of the forest . it can sound like a broken forest in fire . or the sparks of electricity . controlling this minimal sounds . vca function . none of them are the same . well not exactly . it's just a little wooden box with the pink data from a nice green forest .....Krusnek Forest

important info

the newest Krusnek forest
have a sensor out.
no audio in or out!
this is made for the supplied sensor
the sensor is free with this instrument

KRUSNEK sensor .

extra sensitive LDR sensor
3.5 mini jack out.
reacts to light and color
fits into microphone stand.


have an input for external sensors.
not only for light but also for colors of light
and shape.

also possible with more sensors

this way you and LFO or sequencer can make light and shape

this input is only on the krusnek V2




most psychedelic and experimental synthesizers

2x CV in 1x cv out  

1x audio out  from synth 

1x in delay in 

2x delay out big & smal

9v plus in midle 





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