NEW ! AE modular

NEW ! AE modular

It's different in some aspects to the known eurorack modular systems, so please be aware of the following:

  • The modules are not directly mechanical eurorack compatible; they are smaller (e.g. 100x25mm for a 1U module). But a special frame to include a number of AE modular modules in a eurorack is planned, and via minijack sockets in the MASTER module it can be connected to eurorack.
  • For patching the modules, here are patch-wires  used  (simple, small 1 pin wires), not  the 1/8" minijack cables like in eurorack. The sockets and wires are significantly cheaper; but please note: They may be a bit more difficult to handle for some people, and they also have to be handled carefully to avoid breaking.
    (For the DIY guys: The wires and sockets are the same as in the Arduino- and electronics prototyping world; you are welcome to experiment and use AE modular as a DIY platform!)
  • The electronic circuitry is simplified as much as possible, but keeping the character of the sound. The oscillators may not have the top linearity and temperature compensation, but they work fine in a usual range if calibrated now and then
  • The mechanical stuff like frontpanels and potentiometers is simplified as much as possible to cut the cost; e.g. the frontpanels are made of simple wood-based material and rubber-stamped; no fancy potentiometer knobs, you turn directly the shafts
  • AE modular is not designed as sturdy like a eurorack modular, you should see it more as tool for the studio, not so much for tough live performances - handle it with love and care ;-)

What's not different is that you get a true modular synthesizer: The selection and arrangement of the modules is absolutely free! You can add new modules later (simply remove 2 screws, plug in the module, fix the screws again) or rearrange them according to your needs.


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