Animal Factory

Animal Factory

Animal Factory Amplification is the creation of Aditya Nandwana from Bombay.

Aditya was gifted his first acoustic guitar at the age of 18 by a group of his friends. The first thing he did was take it back to the store to check if he could put bass strings on it. He couldn't. He started building his first few effects a few months later.

Engineering studies in Germany taught him PCB design and the physical complications surrounding analogue signals. Moving back to India, he started designing and building effects and vacuum tube amplifiers, sometimes building them on order. 
In 2013, he decided to launch a few products under his own brand name to celebrate the noisier, wierder, louder, angrier, spacier side of electric instrument amplification.

  • Animal Factory Module Pit Viper eurorack
    Animal Factory Module Pit Viper eurorack

    Full-blooded distortion – Pit Viper is a solid state overdrive for hard-boiled musicians. The circuit can generate clean, beefy signal boosts. However, its true strengths lie in aggressively screaming distortions with a tangible…

    € 180,00
  • Animal Factory Module Baron Samedi
    Animal Factory Module Baron Samedi

    The Baron Samedi circuit produces all sorts of extreme fuzz sounds with a fundamentally gated nature. It’s easy to think of the pedal as a supernatural harmonic generator of sorts - with a fuzz sound that goes from tame to…

    € 180,00
  • Toolless Thumb Screws  Nylon eurorack NUTS
    Toolless Thumb Screws Nylon eurorack NUTS

    10pcs m3*8 mm black nylon hand tighten screws ,

    m3 antirust bolt plastic knurled screws insulation bolts

    ultra lite / 10x antie rack rash screws !

    € 3,50


Hyper Fist VCO Plutonium 239 € 269,00 € 239,00


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