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TouellSkouarn was founded in 2010 in Brittany, France. Stompboxes are individually hand-wired with high-quality discrete components in Plougastel-Daoulas. TouellSkouarn is a sub-division of the Marvelous company Ultra Rapide Canari. Take a look...

  • TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask
    TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask

    The TouellSkouarn Skorn da Bask is a dronegenerator, filter and abstract rhythm generator.

    Three sawtooth VCOs/LFOs can be used as tongenerators and modulationsource for the cutoff frequency of a resonating low pass…

    € 367,00
  • TouellSkouarn Sonveskañ
    TouellSkouarn Sonveskañ

    The TouellSkouarn Sonveskan is a three-channel mixer, which features a dual gain stage, voltage controlled feedback, mute and a direct outputs per channel.

    The Sonevskan uses geramnium transistors for the amplification, fans of…

    € 367,00
  • TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv Wah/Distortion/Phaser/Filter
    TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv Wah/Distortion/Phaser/Filter

    The TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv is an inductor based filter. According to this unique design the sound is extraordinary and somewhere in between a phaser-ish band pass, distortion and a gnarly wahwah with a vintage character.


    € 197,00
  • TouellSkouarn Heklev
    TouellSkouarn Heklev

    Heklev is an analog echo and reverb module, which can also be used to create chorus and flanger effects. It is based on MN3007 bucket brigade devices. Besides the actual effect block, there is a built-in VCA. The Heklev's beefy…

    € 337,00


SAMPLESLICER ginko full build € 399,00 € 365,00


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