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Birdkids is an Austrian company and record label based in Vienna which designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments. 
The company’s main product line THE BATELEUR is a Modular Synthesizer System in Eurorack format.
  • birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO Mk II
    birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO Mk II

    The Bateleur combines a discrete analog VCO with a discrete analog lowpass filter.
    The filter can be switched to self oscillation mode, perfectly suited to act as a sine wave oscillator for modulating the Thru Zero analog…

    € 599,00
  • -6%

    birdkids THE BATELEUR System
    birdkids THE BATELEUR System

    The Bateleur System offers the complete Bateleur Series in a compact 42HP case to a special low price and consists of following parts:

    - birdkids Power Midi: power supply via USB which simultaneously acts as a USB-MIDI to…

    € 950,00 € 895,00
  • birdkids Envelope Generator
    birdkids Envelope Generator

    Envelope Generator, ADSR/ADHSR - Re-triggerable/Looping, short/mid/long temporal modes, switchable curvature


    ∙ trigger/gate


    ∙ attack (in ADHSR mode the attack and decay are mirror-symmetric, thus attack…

    € 165,00
  • birdkids Power Midi
    birdkids Power Midi

    Das Birdkids POWER/MIDI wird im Bateleur System verbaut, ist aber auch einzeln erhältlich.

    Es versorgt das Modular System mit Strom über USB Micro B und ist gleichzeitig ein 16bit USB/MIDI-CV Interface. Es übeträgt Pitch-,…

    € 166,00
  • birdkids Mixer/Noise
    birdkids Mixer/Noise

    The birdkirds Mixer/Noise module is a compact 4 channel mixer in combination with a transistor based noise source. The noise signal is normalized to channel 4. In addition, there’s a dedicated noise output.

    € 115,00


Apple look 4 Earphone € 12,00 € 7,50


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